Vel Omarr’s “How Can I Make You Mine”

Vel Omarr’s “How Can I Make You Mine” Cd is definitely a demonstrative compilation of songs that lets the listener know that this is one of the greatest tenors around. Vel’s vocal ability can only be compared to a finely tuned tenor saxophone being played by a master. The title tract ‘How Can I Make You Mine’ is a fantastic song. ‘Trouble Blues’ is a clear manifestation of Sam Cookes influence on Vel’s music with a dash of Marvin Gaye thrown in the works. The ‘Stay Where You Are’ track is indubitably a tribute to the ‘Doo Wop’ era when voices were the major instruments and the background music was added as an after thought Vel Omarr’s ability to move from spinto tenor to lyric tenor, effortlessly is amazing. Vel has said that Sam Cooke was a musical inspiration to him so I’m sure that Sam is looking down on him like a proud mentor and Marvin is smiling also, just as all the original Doo Wop groups are breathing a sigh of relief when they realize that REAL music is forever. Muzic Talk definitely wants to see that they have all of Vel Omarr’s works and you should also, the man’s voice is awe-inspiring.
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Vel Omarr Song Licensing

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“Our songs can be used in various types of films and scenes that call for lots of emotions; ranging from joy to tears, as well as having the flavor of the classic RnB sound with the soulful timeless feel.

My original composition, “If I Should Get To Heaven” was chosen for a scene in the hit series “Ghost Whisperers”, used in a webisode for a very emotional and spiritual scene between a husband and wife who are separated by death, but united by spirit for a few seconds and are remembering their love.

“If I Should Get to Heaven”: A spiritully based, love ballad, Can also be used as a wedding song or a death-bed song. Take a listen. All of our songs have messages and strong instrumentation.

We can also re-write the lyrics to fit your particular theme or message.”

Vel Omarr Sings Classic, Sweet Soul Music!

We are continuing the legacy…Classic, Sweet Soul Music with that legendary sound!

Vel Omarr Sings Sam Cooke’s “A Change Is Gonna Come”.

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Is Classic Soul/R&B Making a Comeback in the Music World?

Looks like Sam Cooke’s song, “A Change is Gonna Come”. is being covered by a great many singers these days…both new and veteran artists.
Wayne Brady and Seal both do a fantastic job with This song! Let me know what you think about my version of “A Change is Gonna Come”.
Hear it at the link below.
Thank you,
Vel Omarr