Vel Omarr’s Song on Ghost Whisperer-CBS

Vel Omarr’s song, “If I Should Get To Heaven” is being
featured in the latest webisode of The hit TV Show, Ghost Whisperer – “Romancing The Ghost”.;ghost

Check out Vel Omarr’s web site for other great music!


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  1. Vel Omarr, congratulations on your song “If I Should Get To Heaven” for being chosen and picked-up by CBS for the promotion of their popular weekly series, “Ghost Whisperer”. This is a show I watch each Friday at 8pm on CBS PST and to know your song will represent a “scene” is very encouraging and enlightening. Your song is a very spiritual song and for CBS to select this out of your many love ballads, had to be a very exciting time for you and your arranger. Congratulations on this major accomplishment!!

    I also congratulate you on your video on youtube,
    “A Change Is Gonna Come”, which has sky rocked to the top of:
    Actually, you have a slide version too. This one is off the charts so to speak. Sam Cooke’s song has always been popular, but not to this magnitude because of the elections and our new President. We’re excited and
    stunned by all of the “comments” and messages that have been left or that you’ve received on the videos/songs. We hope you, Sam Cooke fans, and your fans will have a chance to come back by and read the feedback and enjoy your individual tracks that you’ve created along with your CD: “Vel Omarr Sings Sam Cooke”. God has blessed you with a talent that should be shared with the world. For so many people to stop on your video and to state that you inspire them so much is very encouraging and inspiring. The greatest by far is when a listener stated, “You do Sam Justice”. I pray more eyes are opened to your talent and abilities. Again, congratulations on CBS selecting your own creation, “If I Should Get To Heaven”. Also, your video and song “A Change Is Gonna Come” (Sam Cooke) original, is at the top of youtube which continues to spread like wildfire.
    Your voice is rare and if Sam were alive would be
    proud. If Aretha Franklin knew of you, she’d be amazed as well. This is what I’ve witness by fans
    and from listenting to your music “live”!! Your
    band is incredible.

    God bless you on your journey.


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